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“If it is meant to be, all roads will lead you there. You get to decide which one you walk.”

Ourobouros from cover of Road of Stars and Flame, a snake shaped like a ring eating its own tale with stars and flames ain the background

In a world where a woman’s life is decided for her, seventeen-year-old Clia craves more freedom than her seaside village can offer. When she’s invited to serve the Oracle at the Temple of Delphi, Clia realizes that the terrible headaches which plague her every summer can provide another path. Desperate to escape a suffocating future, she leaps at the chance to join the priestesses, only understanding how much—and who—she’s giving up when it’s too late.


At the temple, Clia is trained to channel the blazes in her vision that precede her headaches. The priestesses use the flames to see the future, but Clia fails to find the threads of fate the others follow. Instead, she sees something the priestesses cannot.


A warning.


Dangers lurk outside and within the temple walls, and the more Clia uncovers about her past and her future, the more she risks. To strike back against the forces determined to overthrow the Oracle, Clia must fight to wield the fire in her eyes and trust the stars to lead her.

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